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Family LiteracyTop of Page

The Family Literacy Program uses a multi-generational approach integral to improving language and literacy development, as well as family functioning. Enrolled families benefit from participating in four key program components, including parent education, parent/child interactive literacy activities, early childhood education, and adult education. (Adult education is sponsored by Cutler-Orosi Adult School.) Program goals are to close the achievement gap of our youngest learners and to increase parent’s ability to support children’s learning in their homes. As parents increase their literacy skills, they are better able to support the language and literacy development of their children. 

Safe CareTop of Page

Safe Care is an 18-week course that is focused on child abuse prevention.  Safe Care consists of three modules including Health, Safety, and Parent & Child Interactions.  The curriculum is implemented on a one-on-one basis, in the home, and includes a hazard assessment. Participating families receive resources to help them implement Safe Care strategies at home, including first aid kits, safety devices, and interactive games.

My Plate for My FamilyTop of Page

My Plate for My Family is a 4-week nutrition course focused on obesity prevention. Classes are also conducted in a group setting at the center. Participating families learn how to make healthier food and physical activity choices through interactive activities. 

Parents and MeTop of Page

Parents and Me weekly sessions at Cutler, Golden Valley, and Palm Preschools for parents with children 2-3 years old. Participating parents and children are introduced to the preschool environment and have the opportunity to participate in fun learning activities

Parenting WiselyTop of Page

Parenting Wisely is a 9-week course that aims to improve parental communication and disciplinary skills. Parenting Wisely is also implemented on a one-to-one basis, in the home, using a set of interactive, computer-based training modules for parents. Participating families receive resources to help them implement Parenting Wisely strategies, including behavior charts, chore charts, and interactive games for parents and children.

Abriendo PuertasTop of Page

Abriendo Puertas parent groups, which consists of 10 sessions, being offered at the Family Education Center. Childcare is provided for participating families. Abriendo Puertasis also offered at Elementary School sites throughout the school year. 

Ready for KindergartenTop of Page

Ready for Kindergarten group and individual sessions for parents and their children ages 0-2. Parent and child interactive activities are facilitated with specific learning goals for children. Groups are held at the Family Education Center and individual sessions are provided through home visits. Transportation is also available for participating families.

SEA Parents Helping ParentsTop of Page

SEA Parents Helping Parents is a 22-week course focused on building positive parent and child relationships and communication. Classes are conducted in a group setting at the center. The networking, group discussions, and community building activities empower both older parents and teen parents to cultivate respectful, loving, and compassionate bonds between parent and child.

PLAY ProgramTop of Page

The PLAY Program provides parent educators to implement the Parents as Teachers (PAT) home visiting program for Cal-Works families with children ages 0-3 years. The PAT program supports parent-child interaction, parenting, and overall family well-being. In addition to home visits, monthly “group socials” are planned for all participating families. Developmental screenings are also completed to provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues.

Parenting Partners: School-Based Parenting Classes
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Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District offers Parenting Partners workshops at each school site, multiple times a year. Parenting Partners is a nine week program that empowers parents to become vital contributors to their children's academic success. Workshops are facilitated by trained school site personnel. For more information, please contact Elisa Arellano at (559) 528-6949.