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Providing Family Support ServicesTop of Page

We are committed to assisting community families who are faced with diverse challenges. We offer a safe, nurturing learning environment that both parent and child can participate. We offer families strategies to cope, improve, and strengthen relationships. We are a place of programs and opportunities for families and the community.

What help can I get at the Family Education Center?Top of Page

At the Family Education Center, we provide:
  • on-going support
  • case management services
  • parent education
  • health education
  • adult education
  • early childhood education
We can also help individuals and families with:
  • budgeting
  • goal setting
  • problem solving
We are also available to assist in obtaining services through advocacy and interventions with other community agencies.

Mental HealthTop of Page

  • Therapy and other mental health services
    • Adolescent victims of sexual abuse
    • Youth 0-19 years of age
    • Mothers with post-partum depression
  • Drug & alcohol counseling for adolescents

Family Support ServicesTop of Page

  • Taregeted Case management
    • Families with children 0-5
    • Homeless students and youth
    • Families referred by Child Welfare Services
    • Families of students referred by District schools
  •  Early Childhood Education
  •  Teen parenting classes
  • Support for victims of domestic violence

Educational ServicesTop of Page

  • Family Literacy
  •  Parenting classes for groups & individuals
  •  Computer class
  •  English as a Second Language classes
  •  Lending Library
  •  Parent/Child Interactive Literacy Program
  • Citizenship class

Family Health & Wellness ServicesTop of Page

  • Health and nutritional education
  • Preliminary health & developmental screenings
  • Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC)

Life Skills Advocacy/Assistance with Basic NeedsTop of Page

  • Clothing 
  • School supplies and clothing for homeless students
  • Food
  • Utility Assistance through REACH
  • Information and referral
  • Public assistance enrollment
  • Transportation and bus vouchers
  • Car seats